Tuesday, August 11, 2009


As dark thoughts whirlwind into dangerous depths,
Try to concentrate on the bedside lamp one last time
Or does it seem too bright to you tonight?
Emotions trickle onto a white paper piece
Tomorrow morning they’ll just call it a ‘note’.
How do you wanna do it, darling?

Will you like a red flow over a very pale wrist,
Or you wanna sleep in peace…unto eternity?
All your life you wanted the marks off your face,
I don’t think you’d like a last one on your throat.
Why do you wanna do it,darling?

Weren't you mighty faithful at an older time...
Was your faith shattered or your heart broken?
Do the leftover pieces still hurt as bad?
Oh! Does the light seem too bright tonight!
I know how irresistible the darkness is
I know you have desired it all your life.

Put off the flame then, gently blow it out…
And make love to the darkness beyond life.


  1. Now that's what I call poetry..... Ahoy !

  2. Hit the nail on its head!
    Poetry on the act of writing.

    Please go on.