Wednesday, August 12, 2009


The guitars are strumming, the drums pick up the beat
I begin to fall, down a very dark dungeon,
Wild eyes flash as I hurl myself down
Hands try to catch me but I’m falling too fast,
I see people dancing, I see people dying
Does this music enthuse you, does it kill you with joy?
I’m the eternal spaceman, travelling from star to star
I stoke up a dying galaxy, and sway with sexy nebulae,
Or am I in the sea, on a wildly swaying ship?
Is there a hurricane coming, it’ll sweep us off our feet.
Voices call me from behind, try to stop me as I go by,
Yet I rush in like a fool to depths where angels have died
No, no, no…this is all wrong…’coz I’m Shiva the Destroyer!
My anger will crush the earth now, blow it off to pieces…
Oh, if only I could understand whether ‘tis day or night
Day or night…how can one know when all’s covered in smoke
Look wherever my child, you can’t make anything out.
So just allow the smoke to slowly wrap you up,
It’ll make your fevered body cold, and caress it like a lover
And it’ll lift you so that you can’t feel the weight anymore
It’ll take you to heights you have never imagined before,
You don’t need to know where you are gonna end up
You don’t understand whether ‘tis the last night of your life,
Just drown yourself in the music, you don’t need to breath anymore
Oh, am I so high now that I can't see the earth below?
Am I so high that little things called love and hate matter no more?
Is this music playing still…can you make their hazy faces out,
I don’t have the answers, I just wanna soar into the heavens above,
Keep me drunk, my child, play on this music I so love.

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