Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Reality T.V. Getting Uncomfortably Real?

Most of India will wake up to a horrific news tomorrow...the eye would get stuck on this piece in the morning papers, the lazy toothbrush in the mouth would get a bit disadjusted, and concentration would wander to that piece. As I write,news just breaks that a Brazilian politician and popular t.v. show host, Wallace Souza, had found a most ingenious mean of boosting TRP ratings for his show...that of using murder!! The t.v. show, 'Canal Livre', showed live crime in the Amazon region of Brazil. The very premise was very interseting to hold all the TRP there...but people were coming up with similarly intersting ideas as well (and perhaps too many crimes to Mr. Souza's liking were not being committed). So Mr. Souza devised something notoriously good...showing live murders on t.v.!! And the show did show such gruesome stuff...but when there were one murder too many,police sensed not everything was allright and soon found that Mr. Souza were ordering murders (he atleast ordered five,according to reports) to shoo his rivals away and make the eyeballs pop on his show. Good game gone a bit wrong, right? Do you guys remember something very similar in India...there was this hugely popular show 'India's Most Wanted' which was stopped after the host himself became a man wanted for murder? (We always have to keep up with Brazil,be ahead of them in everything,they are one of our main competitors on the world economic scene). But let's return to Mr. Souza. What a wonderful thing this TRP is...what unimaginable things it makes us show on t.v. so real, but this takes the cherry, thank you TRP, even our darkest imaginations couldn't have brought to us stories as interseting as this!! What about the men who were shot down only for the TRP to shoot up...will their souls always haunt Mr. Souza for the rest of his life? Maybe. Maybe not. Mr. Souza still claims that he is the purifier of the city and set up the police to get rid of crimes such as drug-trafficking, homicide and paedophilia. But such situations can be summed by Dylan in an inimitable style-"As human gods aim for their mark/Make everything from toy guns that spark/To flesh-colored Christs that glow in the dark/It's easy to see without looking too far/That not much is really sacred."


  1. Huh the less said about reality t.v. the better.I mean can you believe Rakhi Sawant and her stupid swayamvar?I won't ever stop wondering as to how the show boasts of a reasonably good TRP.Are people in our country brain-dead or what?
    The production houses or people financing these shows should be criminally prosecuted for inflicting psychological torture on unsuspecting viewers. :X

  2. @sourav-it definitely is...

    @samadrita-the rakhi episode was a pure joke,this is at least more interesting...

  3. to quote the sage from the same song:
    "Money doesn't talk, it swears"