Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Why do i even try to write poems?

I am not much of a poet...emotions don't flow to me like flies to a corpse...i don't get poems looking at a silent hill or a full moon(i'd rather think of a werewolf looking at a full moon)...but i love reading poetry...and there are times,very rarely,when i feel like jotting down sudden thoughts coming to me on a piece of paper...and during these seizures i don't get any relief until i've done so. so i write very rarely...and when i do,i wanna share it with people.i know most of these may seem immature...but i want people to still take a look...that's why i'll post them here...if they love them,i'll be grateful...if they hate them,thank you that you've at least tried to read...if they are disgusted...go to the basin and puke it out...whatever be your reaction,i'll be perfectly pleased with all of your comments...thank you...the poems above were written in the last few days(am having one of those seizures at the moment).

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