Thursday, August 13, 2009

What Queer Games the Mind Plays!!

It was 5.30 p.m. in the evening when me and my friend Sumantra boarded a bus from Beliaghata to Tollygunge to return home from college. We got seats but at different parts of the I sat and looked at the routine Calcutta scenery, when this random line from some song began to play in my head-"With the whole world upside down...",just this line,nothing else!! I remembered every beat in this line, every chord of was from some song I have very recently heard, probably within the last two days...but I couldn't remember any other line or which song was it from or which band played it. But this line kept playing itself in my head...I considered a host of songs to which it could belong, I brought my phone out and listened to each of those probables...but nah!!!None of them had it...the bus had by this time crossed the Anwar Shah crossing and I feared I had just got affected by amnesia or short-term memory loss when the seat beside me got empty...Sumantra came to the seat and I told him about it. He told that this was nothing unusual and he had been through similar situations as well...that provided little relief though!! I grew restless trying to remember the song and even as I write I've desperately failed in doing so. What queer games this little thing called the brain plays on line keeps playing itself over and over like a bad record in your head and you desperately look for its source...and everytime you are disappointed. This is like my mind seperated from 'me' and playing cruel hide-and-seek games with its owner...maybe everything will come to me in a sudden flash of brilliance. But until then, keep on playing this frustrating game...


  1. Deja vu kheyechhish.....It happens......Google kor line tah......

  2. @deja vu noi...eta-r arekta french term jeno naam...dekh etao mone porche na...catch-22-te kore kichu pelam na.