Tuesday, August 18, 2009


They come to me in unearthly hours,
Warm, hazy
Bright, illusive
Memories, fluttering like leaves in the Fall.

They bring me the music from far,
Hard, soft
Dark acid, poison blues
Songs, that had remained long unheard.

They bring me faces of long-lost friends,
Joyful, disillusioned
Drugged, dazed
People, who failed to catch up with life.

They bring me the happiness I detest,
Sunlight, dew on grass
Morning Glory, first blackbird
Happiness, that I do not want.

They bring back the pain to me,
Darkness, tears
Mildewy, a taste of ink
Pain, which makes me what I am.

They bring back your face to me,
Flesh, desire
Diamonds, starry night skies
Your face is now just a distant land.

They bring everything back to me in the strangest ways.


  1. You mean, Mr Vulture? Lady Chaterjee's lover?
    he does all these things to you? seriously, maaan....
    Jokes apart, this one reeks of poison and pain.....solid stuff....I mean it....

  2. now that is what i call FRIGGIN' AWESOME!!!!

    kudos man....keep it up.....

  3. @all the above:a big thanks...that's what encourages me to write.